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Podlachian Converter
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Translation: Polski

Here is a reminder what symbols should be used in the conversion box in order to get specific Podlachian letters. You can produce small Podlachian texts using very basic Latin keyboard. Take your texts using „Copy-Cut-Paste” feature. The tool neither logs nor inspects the content of your data that are being converted.

To get the following Podlachian letters... ... you need to use the following symbols in the conversion box
ć — Ć c' — C'
č — Č cz c^ — Cz CZ C^
ď — Ď d' — D'
ê — Ê ye e^ — Ye YE E^
iê — IÊ iye ie^ — IYe IYE IE^
ł — Ł l/ — L/
ń — Ń n' — N'
ô — Ô uo o^ — Uo UO O^
ś — Ś s' — S'
š — Š sz s^ — Sz SZ S^
ť — Ť t' — T'
ŭ — Ŭ u^ — U^
ź — Ź z' — Z'
ž — Ž ż rz z^ — Ż Rz RZ Z^

Zamiś siêtoji zabavki lepi vžyvati pravdivoji klavijatury dla pudlaśkoji movy...


If you are a frequent user of this tool you may consider a donation to it. Please remember that you are not required in any way to do this, but your donation will allow to improve the site’s features and will be highly appreciated by the person responsible for the maintenance of the site.