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~ / Public Domain Software / Path to Current Document $_
Path to Current Document
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2009-07-17, 09:15

Contemporary web services often have several levels in their document trees and therefore an ability to display a path to the current document should be a great addition.

Recently I revised my snippets that I am using for this purpose in several projects and it appeared that each project runs slightly different code. CurrentPath snippet is an attempt to put things in order and make one generalized tool.

Here it is while running on default parameters:

Home » Public Domain Software » Path to Current Document

How to use CurrentPath

# 1) create new snippet 'CurrentPath' and paste into it content of the attached currentpath.txt file
# 2) call your snippet something as:
[[CurrentPath? &item=`menutitle` &tip=`pagetitle`]]
# 3) please read full discussion on parameters in snippet's header

This snippet was submitted to MODx Add-Ons repository. You are welcome to leave your opinion and/or suggest further fetaures.

Download This Attachment... CurrentPath Snippet — the very latest version
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