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Off-Topic: Presentation of My Native Language
2008-11-30, 09:04

I attached to the Podlachian converter tool a small page that presents this language in writing and speaking.

As many other micro-languages, my native Podlachian will probably (and imperceptibly) fade away along with the death of its last native speakers. Currently the language has nearly 50,000 speakers in the eastern region of Poland where I was born and live but the scope of its use gradually shrinks. It has been a completely spoken language until quite recently, and is still regarded by people as a local dialect rather than a separate language. In 1977, Jan Pietruczuk (photo #7, on the left), a philologist from Hajnówka, devoted his PhD. dissertation to this dialect, in which he gave a fairly comprehensive phonetic and morphologic description of the tongue with an attached dictionary. Pietruczuk’s work has been used for the past several years by my brother Jan Maksymiuk (#8) to develop a literary standard of Podlachian.

At the turn of the year 2007 I bought the „” domain („svoja” is a popular name for Podlachian) and designed a site for Jan where he collects his writings, sound files, and many other materials that are more or less related to the Podlachian language. Jan, being a lover of belles-lettres and professional translator, has persuasively proved that Podlachian — under more favorable socio-historical circumstances — might become a full-fledged language. In 2005, he translated into Podlachian a novel by Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas, which became the start for his efforts to give Podlachian a written standardized form and literary flexibility. Jan invented the character system for Podlachian and currently works on its grammar and dictionary.

See more on this and other aspects of Podlachian on Jan’s site... On my site, you can see a short text in Podlachian and listen to how it sounds.